We had the privilege of having 13 of the brightest minds in the city for a day and a half. They were stretched beyond their limits physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

We planned and executed activities that not only challenged them mentally but also physically. This included individual and team activities. Through their individual activities, they understood their limitations on how far they could go as a single person and the team building activities which helped them understand their potential to go further than they thought possible.

We also put them through the ropes in a quite literal sense through our trust-building activities. We understood that a team isn’t a team if it isn’t built on trust. This was a crucial learning for them in building their teamwork skills.

Going through the camp, a lot of the students showed us great appreciation. We’ve even seen a lot of the same students come for our other camps over the years, always letting us know and encouraging us of the benefit they get and the experiences they receive.