Early August this year, a group of a 100 1st year MBA students from PES College to our Revive Campsite.

Our team of experts, comprising of people with years of experience in the corporate field, planned and executed fun and challenging activities. We understand that keeping good moral is something that is an absolute necessity in the workplace. So we focused on discussions that centered around just that, teaching the young students that there are ways to get to the top of the ladder without having to lose a sense of morality.

We also pushed our students through fun and encouraging activities to work in teams and push themselves forward to get to a goal that they themselves set. This way, the more they practiced that team working spirit, the better they did in their activities and the further they went and accomplished in the tasks given to them, thus ensuring that they learn that to go far in anything, a team was much better when compared to doing it on their own.

The students had a blast, in terms of both fun and learning. A lot of these students have reached out to us, telling us how they’ve been impacted positively during their short stay with us.