One Summer morning, few MBA students from Chennai decided to drop by looking for adventure. And you know, we gave them adventure alright.

We assigned our top man, Jack from Breakthrough, and his team on the job and they went way beyond anything the students expected. There were activities on team building skills, career-enhancing, and more. Let’s just say, we got them very very muddy. Speaking of being muddy, the mud pit challenge really boasted them to come out of their comfort zone and just let loose. Some ran, some fell and some swam, not so gracefully, across the mud pit, but every one of them had fun and learned a ton. Some of them even said that this was a mini SPARTAN X in the making! They got back to us saying that this was the break they needed from their daily routine.

We had a blast hosting them throughout the camp. We hope to catch some of these guys soon at our home, Camp Revive!