This was probably our biggest event yet! We had over 200 delegates from across different states in India for the National Sports Conference of 2015, all this over a span of three days. This conference was initiated by ‘ReadySetGO’.

ReadySetGO is the great commission (Matthew 28:18-20) for sports people. ReadySetGO is about disciples who make disciples who make disciples. The sports movement seeks to be faithful to Jesus’ command to make disciples everywhere. As we learn in team sports, any team effort requires each person to play their part.

Disciple-making is the same. This is a team effort where we all play a role in making disciples who then join in and also then make disciples. Jesus has gifted everyone in the Body of Christ with a part to play. Whether a child, a teenager, an older person, an athlete, an official, a coach, a parent, a professional person – all have a part to play in making disciples for Christ in sport and play.

It was an honor working with people who had similar values to our own. We hope to have them on our campus again soon.